Get that remote job of your dreams

A step-by-step process to get the remote job of your dreams

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"Ahmed has put together a very thoughtful and helpful guide for anybody who wants to transition to a remote job. I can highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in what I believe is the future of work."

- Alex Münch - Product Designer at Doist

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How to analyze job postings to get useful dataHow to develop the required skills for a remote positionHow to market yourself online prior to applyingHow to apply for remote jobs and show you can work remotelyA list of useful apps and resources you can use in your journey

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"This ebook sets good fundamentals for people who just started searching for remote jobs... It showed me how important it is to showcase my work and see things from remote companies’ perspectives. Blogging in English is an excellent exercise. It prepares me to be a better communicator and helps me build my brand."

- I-Wen Huang - UX/UI Designer at Sendwave

See the complete interview with I-Wen Huang after landing her remote job.

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I'm Ahmed EL AZZABI, a self-taught software developer working remotely with Automattic.

In 2018, I used the same process described in the e-book to land my remote job. Today, I want to share it with you!

I write about entrepreneurship, productivity, and remote work at and tweet about the same things @elazzabi_